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Sure’s new ultrafast broadband service response to multi-device households

06 Dec 2017

Sure has introduced an up-to 100Mb/s broadband service following significant investment in the island’s fibre broadband infrastructure.

The new, unlimited ultrafast broadband service is designed for multi-device households and offers faster upload and download speeds and no slowdown of service during peak times.

More than a quarter of households and businesses across the island will be able to upgrade to the service immediately and islanders can check if they’re able to upgrade via the line checker tool on the Sure website.

Sure’s head of product, Mike Fawkner-Corbett, said: “Multi-occupancy, multi-device homes are increasingly the norm and with the proliferation of HD streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix the ability to access a resilient and fast broadband connection is more and more important for our customers.

“We’ve launched our new ultrafast broadband in response to our customers’ changing needs to ensure they can continue to enjoy a good online experience. The unlimited up-to 100Mb/s service is equipped to deal with the speed and capacity that online services now demand, no matter how many devices in a household are connected to the network at one time.

“We’re continuing to invest in the island’s broadband network to offer a faster and more resilient service to customers. To date we have installed more than 400km of fibre into the network and are working to install additional MSANs around the island to reduce the distance between households and the broadband network so more customers can access our superfast and ultrafast broadband services.”

Sure invests £4 million in infrastructure annually to enable islanders to benefit from the latest telecommunications products and services.

The rollout of the new up-to 100Mb/s service will continue into 2018.

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