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Unlimited Broadband


Price per month

STEP 1 - confirm internet network

Unlimited Broadband

Designed for use at home, ALL our Broadband packages are UNLIMITED usage with no time restrictions - it’s the ultimate in flexibility and the best value around.

Some of our competitors charge you after you've used a particular allowance each month, or put restrictions on how much you can download or upload at peak times of day which means slower speeds. Sure Unlimited broadband means that no matter how many devices are attached to the internet – PCs, tablets or TVs etc - or what those devices are being used for – surfing the web, checking emails, streaming games or movies - you'll never pay a penny more with us and we'll never slow you down.

If you're moving your broadband to us from another provider, switching your broadband service to Sure is quick and easy – just sign up online here or pop into our store and we’ll do the rest. You can be signed up in minutes and there’s no need to worry about losing your connection while you port – that’s all taken care of. 

Pro Broadband services

A single dedicated IP address is available for an additional £5 per month

If you're looking for a lower contention ratio and a dedicated IP address, that is available for an additional £25 a month

For more information please pop into one of our retail stores or call us on 700700 where a member of the team will be able to help

Can you get faster Unlimited Broadband?

Up to 40Mb/s and 60Mb/s broadband is being rolled out across the island. Use our line checker below to find out if it’s available in your area now.

We’re continuously rolling out this service around the island, so if you can’t get it just yet, look out for leaflets delivered to your home when it’s in your area, or come back here to re-test your line.

All speeds quoted are dependent on your line length.

STEP N - Home phone line

Choose from a standard line or, if you make a lot of calls, add Sure HomeOne or Sure HomeTwo to your standard line and for a small extra monthly cost get free or discounted calls to selected destinations.

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Price per month Up-front cost
Line only £11.99 £0.00 Select
Sure HomeOne £14.99 £0.00 Select
Sure HomeTwo £18.99 £0.00 Select