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Sure completes first all-Channel Island 4G network

Sure customers are now able to use 4G services wherever they are in the islands.

Over the past few months we partnered with Huawei to deliver the 4G network whilst simultaneously installing new 2G and 3G networks, giving Sure customers access to the most up to date mobile networks in the islands.

We know that at times there has been disruption to the network while we delivered these new Sure mobile networks and thank our customers for their patience.

Our customers who have experienced the speed of 4G mobile data confirm that 4G really is the leap forward that makes mobile data services far more usable than they have been before. Importantly, we are not charging a premium for 4G data services and have designed a range of excellent data price plans that ensures that 4G is affordable and accessible throughout the Channel Islands.

What do I need to get 4G?

You will need a compatible 4G phone – many smartphones are now 4G ready. To check if your phone is compatible check its manual, search for your phone on GSM arena or click here for a list of compatible phones we currently sell. If you're still not sure, pop in store to ask us.

If you have a 4G compatible phone, you may also need to have the latest software and/or change your settings. Take a look at our guides to getting your iPhone, Samsung, HTC & LG ready for 4G here.  

It will not cost you any more to use 4G data, nor do you need a special plan – all our plans include 4G data at the same rates/amount included as you’re used to. 

However faster data means a better experience when downloading and using apps, browsing the web, streaming TV and movies and more – so you’ll want to download more! Therefore you may like to consider a new plan with a larger data allowance. To find out more about our plans, which all include 4G data, click here.  

Not sure how much data you'll need? Try out our easy to use data calculator here

Can I use 4G on my tablet or laptop?

Absolutely! With our great value, flexible plans and high-speed coverage around the island, you can use your laptop, tablet or netbook even when there’s no WiFi by connecting to our mobile network. Find out more about our mobile broadband here.

What is 4G?

Basically, it’s a phone network that’s faster than 3G and is mostly used for data. Mobile data is used to download apps, browse the web, stream TV and movies and more. It's sometimes called LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution. Sure has built a brand new 4G network on the island, and has replaced the previous 2G and 3G networks too.  3G networks mean you can use the internet quickly and easily where connection speeds allow. 2G is slower, so it isn't as good for going online...but it's fine for calls and texts. 

Have more questions?

Check out our need help section. 

We know there’s lots of jargon when it comes to technical things like this, so we have created a '4G Jargon Buster’ for you.....simply click HERE.