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A fairer deal with Sure


In April 2018, Sure undertook market research in the Isle of Man to find out how customers felt about the fairness of their mobile operator and their practices.*


73% of people surveyed think it's unfair to be charged for their phone after the contract ends

57% of MT customers didn't realise that they could continue to be charged for their phone by MT after the contract had ended

65% of people would like more flexibility to upgrade to the latest phone


Sure's new plans fix all of those things!

• Unlike MT, Sure automatically lowers your bill when you’ve paid off your phone, so you won’t pay a penny more than you need to – and you don’t need to worry about contract end dates.

• Our new plans clearly split your Pay Monthly bill into two parts: the Phone Plan is the cost of your phone, and the Airtime Plan is the cost of your data, texts and minutes. This means you can see exactly what you’re paying.

• No upfront charges on any phone.

• Upgrade early if you fancy a new phone – simply by paying off your Phone Plan. We won’t charge you for the remaining term of your Airtime Plan like MT does.

• You can trade in your old phone and put the cash towards paying off your Phone Plan, leaving you free to upgrade to the latest device sooner.


Survey Results **

Isle of Man Fairer Survey InfographicIsle of Man Fairer Survey Infographic


Isle of Man Fairer Survey Infographic


* Survey conducted on behalf of Sure, April 2018. Customer sample size 120 x Sure, 110 x MT

** Survey reliability: 95% confidence level and 6% margin of error

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