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Switching is easy

EASY SWITCH!  How to switch to Sure from MT

Switching is super quick and easy: you can keep your existing number and we do all the work for you! 

Mobile PhoneJust bring your phone into your nearest store, along with your MT SIM card, and we can get you swapped in around 5 minutes. You don’t need to call MT… we can do it all for you!

What happens will depend on whether you are on Pay As You Go or on Pay Monthly (a contract).

You can even relax with a coffee in our lounge area while we sort it all out for you.


Broadband and Home Phone

Just follow the simple steps or come and see us in store and we can move you over to Sure: you don’t need to call or contact MT yourself. Once your order is placed it will take a few working days to move your service to Sure.

Please note that for mobile, broadband and home phone products, there will be no break in service: you’ll receive a final bill from MT, and then you will receive all future (and lower!) bills from us.


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