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The Next Generation Camera’s here – the Samsung Galaxy S9

20 Mar 2018

Samsung has positioned its flagship Galaxy series handsets to compete directly with the iPhone and with the latest S9, it’s set its sights squarely on beating the iPhone’s imaging capabilities.

The S9’s cameras really are the next generation of imaging devices. Not only are they designed to adjust quickly to varied lighting conditions, enabling great photos to be taken on both dull and bright days alike, but Samsung has tied in Augmented Reality, so now your camera can create crazy stickers and help you navigate the real world.

When you’re visiting a foreign land, there’s no need to take your phrasebook. If you don’t understand a sign, just point your S9’s camera at the phrase in question and it’ll translate the text automatically, right there on your screen.

Talking of which, the edge-to-edge screen on the S9 offers a brilliant display for all the HD slo-mo videos that you take but if that’s not enough, you can easily share it directly with other Samsung devices, letting your friends peek into your world in real time!

You must check out the Samsung Galaxy S9! Click here for more information on how you can get your hands on one!

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