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Fibre broadband

All broadband services in Jersey are being converted to the new fibre broadband network which will mean you can choose from a wider range of speeds up-to 1Gb.

If you are an existing Sure broadband customer...

...and fibre is not yet in your area

You can currently only choose our 'up-to 20Mb/s broadband'. The speed you will achieve depends on many factors such as the distance of your property from the exchange and the quality of your property’s internal wiring.

However when fibre is ready to be rolled out in your area, the JT gigabit team will contact you directly to convert your line to fibre. JT will install the equipment and you will continue to be a Sure broadband customer, and your existing contract terms will remain the same.

After your line is converted to fibre, you can choose from a wider range of speeds. 

...and fibre is already in your area

The JT Gigabit team will be in touch with you to arrange appointments to switch Sure customers over to fibre. Please wait for a letter or a call from them to arrange your installation appointment.


If you are not already a Sure broadband customer...

... and you already have fibre in your home

You are able to switch your fibre broadband to Sure and save money! We have lower prices than JT and we are still the island’s only UNLIMITED broadband provider. 

...and fibre is not yet in your area

Switch to Sure broadband now and when fibre is being rolled out in your area you will be contacted to arrange an appointment to switch you over to fibre.

In the meantime you could be saving money with Sure's UNLIMITED Broadband with no download limits!


Switch to Sure today!

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