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Taking your phone abroad? Roaming with Sure couldn't be easier!

Roaming is how we describe calling, texting and using data while you are abroad, including the UK.

Before you go.....

If you are a Pay As You Go customer, make sure you have sufficient credit and read on.

Pay Monthly customers do not have to do anything, however we recommend the following:

Buy a booster for calls and texts to keep your costs down and receive calls for free. Click here for more information.

Make sure you know how to turn data roaming on and off on your phone - this allows you to access the internet and some apps when abroad. We have some screen shots here - that can help you with this.

If you do want to use data while roaming, we can also help with data roaming costs. Most of our customers already have a data roaming spend limit in place to cap the usage and prevent large bills. Click here for more information on how this works then call us to check if your limit is suitable or, to bar data access altogether, text the word "BAR" to 8888.

For detailed roaming charges see below.

While you are away.....

We recommend that you use local free WiFi to cut down on costs wherever you can.

Avoid calling premium or non-geographic numbers. Premium numbers usually start with (but are not limited to) 09 and these numbers can be very expensive.

You may also want to switch off your voicemail while you are abroad. Accessing your voicemail while abroad is different to accessing it when at home and you may be charged for receiving a voicemail, because the call needs to be forwarded to you wherever you are. You will be charged for the call to your voicemail to hear the message when abroad. Click here for more information on using voicemail when travelling.

To help to keep costs down avoid streaming films, videos or music while you are abroad and try to limit using data to social media updates, some Googling and a bit of map checking.

And remember... turn data roaming off if you don't need it!

If you need to contact us when you are away just call +44 1481 700700 (charge applies).

Important notes

The charges presented in the table below apply to customers on pay monthly plans purchased after April 15. They are also applicable if you have an older plan and add the "Roaming Call and Text Booster". Receiving calls is chargeable on Smart plans without a booster.

Some of our roaming partners allow calls to short-code destinations which are normally blocked by Sure whilst on island. These can be charged at rates in excess of £10 per minute. We recommend using alternative long-numbers (08xxxxxxxxx) whilst roaming.

Roaming Prices

Roaming Zone

All prices are published exclusive of GST
Calls are charged per minute with a 12p connection charge applicable on all chargeable outgoing and incoming calls.