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Terms and Conditions

Sure’s General Terms and conditions apply to all its products and services. Service Specific Terms and Conditions will also apply depending on the Sure service or product you are receiving from us.

General Terms and Conditions

Sure Jersey General Terms and Conditions

Service Specific Terms and Conditions

Business Services and Business Continuity 

Ethernet Services

Private Circuit

Customer services

Premium Rate Customer Services

Data Centre Services

General Data Centre Terms and Conditions

Offshore Data Services 

Internet and Web Services

Broadband and Unlimited Pro

Internet IP Feed Terms and Conditions

Mobile Access Point 

Sure Data Pro v2 June 2013

Sure Email Terms and Conditions 

Managed Services

CPE Maintenance Repair V2 June 2013

CPE Maintenance Response V2 June 2013

CPE Sales Terms and Conditions v3 June 2013

Sure Managed Networks - Essential Level Support Service

Mobile and Messaging

BlackBerry Enterprise v4 June 2013

Blackberry Internet Solution version 3 June 2013

Blackberry PAYG v2 June 2013

International call boosters

Sure Pay Monthly Mobile

Mobile Telemetry v2 June 2013

Smart Tariff-HSDPA June 2013

Smart Tariff-HSDPA 1352 June 2013

Sure Mobile Broadband Oct 2013 issue 176

Sure Mobile Repair Service terms and conditions V4 Feb 2017

Sure Pay as You Go

UK Data Roaming Booster June 2013

3 Month Half Price Offer


Acceptable Use Policy January 2017 

Consumer Code of Practice v1.7 June 2013

Pay Monthly Fair Use Policy v2 - January 2017 

Broadband Fair Use Policy v1 - January 2017 

HS Policy v3 June 2013

Privacy Policy 81

Sale and Purchase

Click and collect

Sure Promotions

General social media competitions

Free to receive calls in Europe and Worldwide Booster v2 June 2013

Free to Receive Europe PAYG [RW010410]

Mobile Sure Friends Promotion June 2013

PAYG Top up Rewards

Telephony Services

Sure Phone Line

Conference Calls On Demand v3 June 2013 16091193

Conference Calls Pre Booked Version 3.2 June 2013 160911 

SureDial (Business)

SureDial (Home)